cars & trains, “Stay Awake” (ft. Open Mike Eagle)

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cars & trains

As a companion piece to cars & trains' We Are All Fire full length, Tom Filepp, the man behind the curtain, created We Are All Storms from b-side instrumentals and collaborations that didn't quite fit the record. Among the b-sides is the Open Mike Eagle collaboration, “Stay Awake”.

Filepp and Mike Eagle are labelmates on Fake Four, Inc. Mike brings his softer side to “Stay Awake”, which sounds like a lullaby for bar flies, although Mike's words are asking the party people to fight the drowsiness. We Are All Fire dealth with the concept of family, as it waxes and wanes through our life, unified by the use of “we”, which is probably why “Stay Awake” didn't make the cut. As lovely of a lullaby as it is, Mike addresses concerns of his own, like fixing the hole in his dream boat and the growing number of sleepy people around him.

Among the instrumentals on We Are All Storms though, “Stay Awake” fits like the last piece of the puzzle, offering satisfaction and solace.

Stream We Are All Fire and We Are All Storms at cars & trains' Bandcamp. Purchase We Are All Fire via Fake Four, Inc.