Channeling Premieres Self-Titled Debut Album

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Channeling – the solo project by New York musician Andrew Osterhoudt – is making waves right now. His debut album – a collection of 10 brilliant songs – is aptly titled Channeling, and it is an experience unto itself. The album can be described as experimental, other worldly, and rough around the edges, and we are extremely excited to premiere Channeling right here, right now.

The album begins with “Sunrise Again”, a title which was a conundrum to us, as we questioned if the sun had ever risen with his work before. This song is where our “otherworldly” thoughts stem from, as the synth and reverb work hand in hand to make this feel like a chorus from angels above. In “Mirror I” and “Mirror II”, are very similar tracks, stemming from each other with just slight differences in a transient and uplifting experience. “Retrograde I” hits with a much deeper sound from the beginning, almost as if it is the score to a mystery thriller.

“Moth” almost seems like it doesn’t belong, especially after its dark predecessor. But, to be honest, the track feels like the rhythm of the beating of a moth’s wings. It drips with the curiosity we assume a moth must feel, flitting through the wind in its adventurous pursuit of something greater. “Sentient” is a simpler track, with an overdub of a speech/interview that makes us feel the fact that life is fleeting. It almost makes us feel fearful.

“Burial” begins softer, with strings that reflect the ambience of a funeral of sorts. It explodes into a cacophony of sound, rich in texture. “Hair Falling Out” is a less literal representation of the title of the track, sounding more like an ocean ripe with waves. The sound space is riddled with effects that feel like sea life. This is the only track we might challenge the title of, looking at Channeling as a whole.

The album is rounded out with “Retrograde II” and “Helen/Bloom”, the former of which sounds like rough waters in a stream. It then unfolds into a blend of sounds not unlike “Retrograde I”, and we could easily see ourselves falling asleep in the warmth of this song. “Helen/Bloom” starts out almost stronger than the majority of the other songs, going on its own journey through a variety of melodies and harshing out with reverberating vocals over stellar guitar riffs. It’s the perfect end – and the perfect blend – to a really incredible experimental album.

Channeling is available via Illuminated Paths.