Chord, “Gmaj7 (Stasis excerpt)”

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Trevor de Brauw has been helping create Pelican's signature heavy wall of sound for a while now, but in his project Chord, along with Phil Dole of Ex-Bax, Sean McCarthy, Kyle Benjamin, and Jason Hoffman, have devoted themselves to making a wall of ambient noise that carries the same weight, but without the battering ram of percussion. Although I haven't had the chance to catch Chord live, the upcoming June 5 release – limited to 300 copies, hand-printed cover with DL codes on the UK's MIE label – sounds promising from this excerpt: a slowly percolating group of harmonics, on the early end intertwined with cricket calls before massaging in a good amount of fat, grainy guitar tones. Chord's “power ambient” chord-named song is heavy music for those who don't really want to listen to the assault but enjoy the genre's overarching ideals pertaining to the necessity of huge sound statements.