Cinco de Mayo Mixtape!

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Cinco de Mayo is basically the Kwanzaa of American springtime holidays. Not quite as fabricated to please mainstream America into self-congratulatory multi-culti recognition as the African American yuletide set up, the Mexican commemoration of Zaragoza kicking the French's ass is really only celebrated in one Mexican state, whereas we get beer commercials about it in all fifty of ours.

So, on this great day, in which there is slightly more incentive to switch up your PBR and Jack happy hour with that one-night a year bender of tequila and Tecate that ultimately gets you closer to your toilet seat than it does to Mexico, we fellow gringos present to you a compost heap of our favorite Mexican bands.


Cinco de Mayo Mixtape 2010!
01 Ola de Calor – Maria y Jose
02 Get Lost – Soho Riots
03 33 Cadaver Fresco – Alexico
04 Ja Ja Ja – Los Fancy Free
05 Anel and Her Problem- XYX
06 El Cholo del Salon – Ratas del Vaticano
07 Nosotros Los Rockers – Piyama Party
08 No Escuches a Tus Idolos – Jessy Bulbo
09 Hi-Q- Bam Bam
10 Minutos de Aire – Quiero Club (Feat. Jorge Gonzalez)
11 Volando Me Voy – Hello Seahorse!
12 Abrazame Demonio – Selma Oxor
13 No Viniste – Carla Morrison (Natalia Lafourcade cover)