Cities Aviv, “MELANIN DROP”

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Cities Aviv

Memphis MC/Producer Cities Aviv has been dropping tracks for the better part of two months. He most recently released “MELANIN DROP”, an intense, ever-evolving track that compelled a Soundcloud commenter to straight up ask, “do you hate white people?”

“MELANIN DROP” begins with a breezy, stuttering intro loop which makes way for a churning guitar rift that Aviv peels through with a lithe flow. “Recognize who you are, recognize who the god,” he implores, before encouraging the listener to “vibrate higher” beyond the “enemies up in your head.”

The track then sways out into the margins of hip hop and electronic waters, with a sultry saxophone being clipped into an acid riff. It’s unclear if “MELANIN DROP” or any of his other recent songs will be on a project, but the eclectic track is probably indicative of what we can expect.

You can stream “MELANIN DROP” below.