c.Kostra, “Double Crush”

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c.Kostra—aka Ryan Olcott, former frontman of 12 Rods, Mystery Palace, and Foodteam—has descended upon the digisphere with a solo bedroom beat project, guitar and vocoder in hand. A few months ago, he released two digital singles, one of which, “Double Crush,” might be too silky for its own good. The track, a tingly chillwave banger that feels like washing your face, shows off Olcott's genre-blending ease, as he stitches together soul, glitch and vocodercore influences. Though Olcott's voice is buried in effects, the track proves he knows how to use it as an instrument, or at least, as fodder for his electronic wizardry.

Feeling bedraggled? Stream “Double Crush” and let in some light.