Column, A Year In Your Garden

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Tasty Morsels, a digital-only label whom we told you about here, has consistently released fantastic (and always free) new music since they were founded early last year, and their debut LP contribution is showing how much they've grown since February. Column's A Year In Your Garden, is a project of two brothers Rory and Jake McCarthy, and it is as if you dipped Jerry Paper into a plush vat of cotton. The tunes are slightly funky, but full of warm love—you can tell that the brothers worked remarkably well together. Every tone—from the lightly hit snare to the pulsating organ—is lush, comforting, and fantastical, and though the LP is not free of melancholy, it ends on a hopeful note, a tribute to companionship and the artistic spirit. It's unbelievably gorgeous and one for the slow days of burgeoning winter.

You can stream the full thing below, or head to Tasty Morsels for the free download.