Communions, “Out of My World”

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Communions Communions

Liquid ethereality sounds almost like an oxymoron, but perhaps not when applied to the otherworldly tones and flowing melodic melancholia of the new single form Copenhagen’s Communions. From their upcoming, self-titled EP, the song is a beautifully wistful dimensional jump; its sound portraying the vessel itself, rather than the destination, in a time-travel movie, floating through space carefree and wondrous, yet nerve-stricken about its landing. Lush reverb and embellished choral effects provide a body through which an earnest lead riff cuts and maintains a weighty tangibility, like wilted flowers at some disappointing prom in the ’80s, and a distant sounding rhythm section bring it back into the atmosphere with its growing fluid mobility. Singer Martin Rehof’s voice is almost androgynous in its build, adding unspoken curiosity and universality to the song’s flourishes, echoed in the chorus’ lyrics, “I don’t even know your name. No boy or girl has made me feel the same.” The EP is the quartet’s first, following their So Long Sun 7-inch single from last year.

Communions will be released June 1 on Tough Love Records. You can stream “Out of My World” below.