Win a Cults record

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Cults' 7-inch

Cults play pop music that can be described as a three-way cross
between weird, crazy, awesome. There are hints of the 60s on their debut 7-inch on Forest Family Records that bring to mind everything from Motown to the Free Design, and walk a line between joyous and a little ominous.

The first pressing of their single sold out, which either means they gave away a lot as promotion, or people really like them. Listening to the songs above, I am going to guess the latter to be the case.

I'm thinking people will get into Cults in the near future, but if
you'd like to stake your claim now, we have one free copy of the newly
repressed 7-inch to give away if you can take ten seconds out of your
life, and tell us in the comments below the name of your favorite cult,
and give us a few words explaining why.

Are you a Manson Family person, or into Father Yod and the Source Family? Jim Jones, or Heaven's Gate? Pick your cult, and you will win one free record.