Coolwave, “So Sad”

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Tapping into two of the music writing world's biggest trends—genre adjectives and sadness—Coolwave already have us rooting for them. The debut single, “So Sad”, manages to sound not as morose as you'd think by blending airy vocals with shoegazey guitars that practically twinkle with golden light. As Jack Shea proclaims that he is “so sad,” it's hard to actually believe it—his moroseness and ennui might be a little forced, but to grand effect. Is he making a comment on those who claim to be so sad by forcing his own sadness? You decide.

Coolwave's “So Sad” is the A-side to another briliant dreampop track, “Girl From Blackpool”. You can stream the former below, then head to MUZAI Records for a copy of the singles on January 24.