Crate Digger: Jermaine Jackson + Devo collaborate, Rick James growls on the other side

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Devo collaborated with Jermaine Jackson in 1982 for this track, “Let Me Tickle Your Fancy.” Apparently, there is a completely different version floating around digitally, but here is the one that appeared on a promotional split 12″ with Rick James' “Hard to Get”. Both tracks scraped the US R&B Billboards at the time.

Jermaine Jackson + Devo, “Let Me Tickle Your Fancy”

Rick James, “Hard to Get”

The internet appears to most remember this collaboration for the appearance it resulted in on some Halloween special. Note the finger-synching by Mark Mothersbaugh and Gerald Casale on their drum machines and synths. And the the sudden appearance of a guitar by Michael Jackson's brother. (Also not being played?)