Crown Plaza, “Reactor”

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Crown Plaza

With the release of Warm Nothing still hot in our hearts and minds, So Many Wizards frontman Nima Kazerouni revealed a side project under the name Crown Plaza. Premiering “Reactor” with us today, Kazerouni is striking while the rest of us are still playing the new SMW long player. Crown Plaza is the sound of a solo collection of works recorded through what sounds like a late 90s consumer grade Compaq PC loaded with Audacity, Fruity Loops with a few Radio Shack mics that still work like a charm. Crown Plaza's rich electronics and personal home made touch was recorded in his father's office in LAX after ending a relationship of six years.

Opener “Reactor” commences with a vintage drum machine beat lead in with a fuzzy recorded voice heard overhead from LAX or to us what sounds like a held over international phone message captured on a micro-cassette from a 90s answering machine. Given the office venue of recording, you could rename the entire EP as Music for Los Angeles Internatinal Airport as the progressions move to assuage the longing of layovers with keyboard selections chosen with care, hair strumming guitars and great DIY programmed beats. Nima's soft sung responses and reactions begin from that morning after, post-breakup, seeking that resolve to move on that feels like the never ending journey of his refrain of “everyday.” What happens toward the final minute of the song is probably the most head twisting and subtle use of sirens to scream out at the perfect pitch in order to sound lighter than air, creating an illusory effect of imaginary comotion occurring outside or next door to your abode.

Get Crown Plaza's Chem Waves Volume 1 EP September 8 from Vanity Projects.