Cryogeyser – “Leach”

Post Author: Devin Bierman

Dreamy L.A. lo-fi trio drops riveting, melancholic new single

It was a blissful early summer’s day in Los Angeles today: downtown’s jagged skyline peeking through non-native palm trees from the Lake, $2.50 papusas sizzling into the breeze, smiles and laughter hushed beneath the breath of wallet-busting cold brew, and of course, me stumbling upon yet another musical gem from the east side of the city. I’m talking about lo-fi trio Cryogeyser and their latest track “Leach,” which kept me cool and subdued in today’s heat.

Cryogeyser is comprised of Shawn Marom, Hunter Martinez, and Jeremy McLennan – three LA natives who debuted their unique sound just last month with their excellent single “Co-Star,” a dreamy track that carries the weight of slowcore but with the chorusy splash of shoegaze. They returned only a month later with the tremendous “Leach,” which expands upon those sounds with an upbeat drive and vocal melodies that vary from colorful to almost painfully urgent. Marom’s voice builds up throughout the song and duplicates and harmonizes with ever-increasing intensity over trembly, chorus-soaked guitar that at times sounds like it may snap into pieces. When the drums pick up to double-time, you get pulled into an enveloping current of melancholy that you can’t quite turn away from. “Leach” tackles the anxious feeling of being hopelessly stuck under the debris of a relationship that ended in disaster, while imagining with overwhelming regret how life could have been different if nothing had happened at all. It’s a rivetingly beautiful and head-bobbing breakup song that you must keep in your front pocket at all costs.

“Leach” is just a small (yet telling) sample of great things that Cryogeyser has in store for us. The band will be releasing their first album Glitch on July 2 with a corresponding album release show at The Echo that you must attend if you’re an Angeleno. You can buy tickets HERE, and listen to “Leach” below via Bandcamp.