Cunninlynguists with Freddie Gibbs

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Cunninlynguists, Imperial, Freddie Gibbs, Strange Journey: Volume Two

For the Cunninlynguists' Strange Journey :Volume Two the southern underground rappers enlist the help of Gary, Indiana's finest for a guest verse.

Cunninlynguists have been on the scene for nearly a decade. The group has experienced several lineup changes, but the core remains Deacon the Villian and producer Kno. Currently Natti is part of the Lynguists as he trades verses with Freddie Gibbs on “Imperial.” Natti is no slouch on the mic, but Gibbs steals the show like he literally steals as he brags, “I'm from a small town called 'bitch, when I see you I'm in your pockets'.”

Kno takes a page out of Organized Noise's playbook with this burner. The chorus has a Dungeon Family vibe that makes you feel like you just crossed into the wrong side of town. The only let down here is the guitar solo builds into a fadeout instead of another verse – don't tease us like that Kno!

You can purchase Strange Journey : Volume Two at the QN5 store.

Cunninlynguists, “Imperial” feat. Freddie Gibbs