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Muscle Car Chronicles

With Curren$y inking a deal with Warner Bros for his Jet Life Recordings imprint, Muscle Car Chronicles is his final release on Dame Dash's DD172 and Def Jam. Muscle Car Chronicles is also Spitta's foray into movies with the record doubling as the short film's soundtrack, we're assuming.

We're still uncertain of the true nature of the film, as they trailers do not lend much to a potential plot or intention of the film. Though, we are super-stoked to see our friend Cyrus Lubin of Famous Class drumming in a dingy basement with Spitta on the mic, while Dame Dash and Tabbi Bonney lounge in their finest threads on a crusty ass mattress on the ground. Equally raw is “Soundbombin',” the first track on the album, which leaked today. We've no cause for concern as Spitta and producer Sean O'Connell are clearly not pulling the final album wool over us to appease contractual obligations. From the utterance of “tell the driver pull my truck up, me and this LA woman stumbling out the club fucked up” it's apparent Spitta does not believe in phoning it in, ever.

If Curren$y's claims hold weight, his first album with Warner Bros will be a free (yes, that's the word. A free record on a major label) collaborative EP produced entirely by The Alchemist called Covert Coup, available for download on the Jets Fool blog in April with Pilot Talk III following up in May. Three straight months of hearing “Jets fool” in the headphones sounds like an ideal journey through spring.

Curren$y, “Soundbombin'”

Muscle Car Chronicles is out March 15.

Muscle Car Chronicles Trailer #2 from Creative Control on Vimeo.

Muscle Car Chronicles – Sean O'Connell + Curren$y from Creative Kills on Vimeo.