Fucales – “It Was Decided”

Norwegian band conjures psychedelic, kaleidoscopic soundscapes on new single

Fucales‘ latest single “It Was Decided” immerses listeners in a kaleidoscopic sonic landscape, showcasing the band’s adeptness at psychedelic production and songwriting. From the mesmerizing swirl of the intro to the hypnotic allure of the chorus, the track is a masterclass in sonic experimentation. 

Despite their youth, Fucales displays a maturity beyond their years, weaving together intricate layers of wild trumpets, swirling guitars, and pulsating rhythms. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Sonic Youth and My Bloody Valentine, their musical expression transcends boundaries, seamlessly blending elements of jazz and pop into their psychedelic tapestry. The lyrics, inspired by a nostalgic coffee cup inscription from Mari Singstad’s family history, add a whimsical yet poignant touch to the song’s ethereal atmosphere. “It Was Decided” isn’t just a song; it’s a transcendental journey into the depths of Fucales’ psychedelic universe, leaving listeners entranced and eagerly awaiting their next sonic revelation.

Lead singer Mari explains, “the whole song was written in one day, from sunrise to sundown, every part written together. In the boat house by the sea. It is the absolute best feeling in the world when we’re all on the same wavelength and the song can come together. 

“We spent a lot of time on the drums, especially. It’s a classic picture: all of us non-drummers trying to explain to Mikkel (our drummer) what we want, by mimicking the sounds like daka daka bing bong bang…After a while, I think Mikkel was kind of fed up of all the back and forth. He picked up his dads old shaker, and proceeded to play the snare and shake at the same time as we jammed, and in the excitement of finding the right beat, he threw the shaker on the floor as a scene shift in the music required him to play the drum set with both hands. The shaker split open, all of the small beads covering the floor of the boat house.”

You can give “It Was Decided” a spin below: