Dam-Funk covers Human League

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Still not convinced Dam-Funk is the coolest brother on the planet, possibly even this solar system? I mean, we can't assume he's universally cool. The man has intergalactic swagger, but remember Homeboys in Outer Space? Given that classic sitcom, there's got to be some soul brothers in the far reaches of the universe that give Dam-Funk a run for the money.

Back to Dam-Funk being the coolest brother in this solar system. He's recently covered Brit synthpop legends Human League. One imagine in particular best describe's Dam-Funk's video for “Things That Dreams Are Made Of:” Dam-Funk ghost riding the Prius in a zoot-suit with the American Flag draped over his shoulders like a patriotic pimp cape. Forget magic carpet rides, forget plastic goatees, forget children chugging Jack Daniels from the bottle, it's all about Teen Wolfing the Prius.