Dan Bodan, “Jaws of Life”

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Don’t expect Dan Bodan to resuscitate you with his brand new track, “Jaws of Life”, the second single off of his upcoming DFA debut, Soft. 

Angsty without the typical irritations, it’s sensual sax-y (sorry, not sorry) groove tunes that slowly melt into a viscous pool of left-field pop loss and self-imposed isolation. “I don’t trust you anymore,” he croons repeatedly over moody vocal echoes, squelchy scales and sparse bass drum beats. “Isn’t it such a shame? I look through files of you and feel ashamed.”

Operating on an ethos of acrid loss, it’s a song that revolves around the idea of being wronged. Because ever if he’s emotionally bruised, it’s ultimately better than bringing you back. Heartstring-tugging and tenderly produced, it’s dysphoric, downcast pop that takes measured melancholy to it’s furthest reaches. Stream the wistful, tear-stained track below.