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Darkthrone is, hands down, one of the coolest bands on the fucking planet.

I'm not going to write up some history lesson on the guys, because it would take too long and honestly, I don't feel like the person for a task like that. I thought their early death metal records were pretty killer. I learned about black metal reading Terrorizer magazine listening to A Blaze In The Northern Sky and Transilvanian Hunger.

Darkthrone talk about “A Blaze In The Northern Sky”, continued here.

“A Blaze In The Northern Sky”

“Transilvanian Hunger”
The musical equivalent to ice freezing.

Recently, I've been jamming their more recent records, like The Cult Is Alive, F.O.A.D., Dark Thrones & Black Flags, and Circle The Wagons. These records are drawing far more from thrash and speed metal, along with punk, and recalls a band like Motorhead over Mayhem.

“Too Cold, Too Old” from The Cult Is Alive

“Canadian Metal” from F.O.A.D.

They've become a very legit, ballsy, badass heavy metal band, with heavy rock tendencies. I'm sure there's a ton of fucking elitists out there naysaying, totally talking mad shit, and that's totally fine. Just like I'm sure there's a ton of old, die-hard Darkthrone fans that worship these records just like they do the early, grim black metal stuff — which is unconditionally what I feel to be one of the best definitions of second wave black metal. I'm definitely still a legit fan of those releases, I'm just been popping way bigger boners for this thrash attack shit lately… LATELY.

“Hiking Metal Punks” from Dark Thrones & Black Flags

“I Am The Grave Of The 80s” from Circle The Wagons

Say what you will about their stylistic progression (or digression), it doesn't really matter to me and it especially doesn't matter to Darkthrone.
“Call it black metal or evil rock, I don't care…” – Fenriz on The Cult Is Alive.

And as a side-note, it should be known, Fenriz is an extremely solid outlet for musical guidance. Any and everyone should check out his Fenriz Presents… The Best of Old-School Black Metal compilation on Peaceville, as well as the digital mixtapes he's put out for Vice and Actual Pain.

Here, let Darkthrone pick some records out for you…

So… Darkthrone are fucking killer, right?