Das Racist remix Lana Del Rey's “National Anthem”

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Das Racist

Given the past week of remixes from the Greedhead camp, we are beginning to think the label mascot, a bathroom gender icon in meditation with a dollar sign for a head, is less of a cartoon exaggeration of the label's mentality and more of a full-blooded mantra. First it was C.R. Jepsen getting the remix treatment, now Das Racist is legitimizing Ms. Lana Del Rey with a killer remix of “National Anthem”.

Streaming here, the Das Racist remix strips the original of its bombast grooves that place Lana Del Rey somewhere between the Sneaker Pimps and Madonna at her most trite. With only Lana's empty proclamations of money's worth (screwed to demonic tones) remaining, Kool A.D. lays out his asking price for a remix with “three stacks for a track / bitch, I'm yappered up”. Kool A.D. is still on his associative-style he took to new levels on his 51 record, as he refers to himself as a multitude of celebrities and musicians all for the purpose of informing us how close he is to Oprah money. From mellow beginnings, Heems comes in like a hypeman shouting about how he's Dhalsim of Street Fighter, who incase you forgot, spits hot fire (no Dylan).

Lana Del Rey is destined to be a flash in the pan that caught a little bit of fame for being well-produced and a highly-publicized bad performer. This is understood and the story written from the moment her music videos appeared on Youtube. The hope for the future continues to be the underdog story of Das Racist shedding the Scarlet Letter of joke rap to be treated as innovators who can turn a controversial artist or a bubble gum pop tune into music hip hop heads will bump without irony or jest.