DaVinci and Freddie Gibbs suggest MYOB

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DaVinci and Freddie Gibbs could frost your beer mug on their shoulder blades. Their shoulders are that cold to the happenings in the streets. It's the next, and most logicial, level to not snitching – not witnessing in the first place. While Homeland Security and the police would like us to “say something if we see something”, it's become a growing concern that the Protect & Serve are not putting our best interests first. This is not to say we should adopt a cut throat mentality. “MYOB” suggests more of a “live and let live” mindstate as DaVinci states, “I don't know you and you don't know me”.

Produced by Al Jieh of Drums & Ammo, “MYOB” is off DaVinci's The MOEna Lisa LP out October 17 on SWTBRDS.