dd/mm/yyyy trounce Toronto in tight pants for “I'm Still in the Walls”

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Shot on a dime store budget with a million dollar idea, the new video for dd/mm/yyyy's “I'm Still in the Walls” follows the Toronto five-piece through their some city crawls with a catch: they're all wearing full-body, spandex-tight, green-screen suits.

Shoot every scene twice, and you've got a trippy quintet of invisible men mucking shit up downtown, by the skate park, at the playground with the kids (not creepy at all!), and finally, twisting an already twisted tale with a visit to the thrift store.

The video was conceived and shot by Exploding Motor Car, a Toronto art collective/friend of the band whose sense of rhythm and style is as slanted as their subject's.

If you recognize this track, pin a gold star on your lapel, it's off the record they put out a couple years ago in Canada, Black Square, that we at Impose re-released as a cassette last year, and now is seeing a legitimate European vinyl re-release on none other than the label run by Geoff Barrow (of Portishead), Invada Records.