Death Grips is fuggin' raw rap shit

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Death Grips

Recorded over a stretch of five months, Death Grips may or may not be an avant hip hop project involving Zach Hill and some Sacramento homies. Save for a music video featuring the angriest black man alive with some gnarly neck veins, the identities behind Death Grips are purposely obscured.

Too little is known about Death Grips to speculate. This could be a one-off record in Zach Hill's hungry blob of side projects or the rumblings of a hostile takeover. I plan to simply enjoy the ever-loving fugg out of this record, as it sounds like the evolutionary inevitable of Anti-Pop Consortium's avant garde aspirations without suffering through the deliberate propaganda of branding it as forward. It's also a well-timed alternative to the maddening proclamations of Waka Flocka Flame being the “first truly metal rap star”—Jesus H. Christ. Simply put, a little less than half the record is available for preview and Death Grips does not falter, even slightly, in those six songs.

Death Grips, “Where's It At (Death Heated)”