Debut: Discoverer, “Circular Motherboard”

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Discoverer represents the sounds of Kansas City native Brandon Knocke, and is coming to us this summer on a long player called Tunnels from the usually weird (but always wondrous) world of Digitalis Recordings, who also have given us Imaginary Softwoods and Ensemble Economique, amongst many others. Lead track “Circular Motherboard” flexes a refreshingly catchy and accessibly down-tempo muscle on the label's already-rippling back. It's a real boombox beat, beach- or blacktop-ready despite having a cold, robotic heart beating at its core. Still drenched with sweat, Knocke rains down with glittery analog synths onto a foundation of deep bass. This is Geordie La Forge-visor-vision in full effect. 3D audio-rama, muted beams of ecstatic sound over dark and brooding R&B grooves. And it's flat out sexy as fuck.

Discoverer, “Circular Motherboard”