Debut: Golden “Destinee”

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Golden is the name of David Adusei's dance outfit, known to rock the house parties of Wilmington, NC. We have been given the pleasure of debuting Golden's “Destinee” that is already topping our dance playlists on account of the bright bouquet arrangement of keyboard tones.

Golden “Destinee”

Born in Toronto, Adusei moved to Raleigh, NC at the age of 10 where he picked up the guitar and eventually discovered the sequencing and voice manipulation techniques that would become the building blocks to Golden.

“When I moved to Wilmington to go to college I started deejaying house parties and getting more into different forms of dance music. Now, I deejay regularly in Wilmington and a few parties along the East Coast. I have been inspired by a lot of the dance producers and bands that I discover, as well as R&B, disco, African funk and soul. I want to keep developing my sound and my focus when I make music to create a stronger connection between the listener and the emotion I try to draw out of them.”

Also check out this fan-made video for “Destinee” chopped from the 1969 cult classic, Destroy All Monsters.

Golden's Desirée is out now on Locus Recordings.