Debut: Lovewrecker, “Slide It In”

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Have you ever been up late at night watching QVC with your grandma and the two sales ladies, each wearing enough jewelry that they could bury some and start a jewelry farm, start GUSHING over some nonsense, like this: “You know, I just didn't even know I needed this until I saw it, and then I was so excited that I needed to tell my husband right away, and when I told him he flat out POOPED himself because he is incontinent and lives in the living room in an iron lung, and we just had to have one for the breakfast nook!” And to make your trip weirder, you see that what they are talking about is a perfectly normal-looking replica of a Depression glass salad bowl?

That's kind of how I feel about this song. Peter Feigenbaum of Dinowalrus apparently woke up one day and thought, “You know what my next project should be? A perfectly dead-on replica of a late '80s hair metal band.” And since that is not something that's too hard to do, especially if you know how to play the kinds of solos that Dinowalrus is known for, he was able to create this facsimile simply and effectively. The band is called Lovewrecker, they did a cover of Whitesnake's still-gross “Slide It In” for Valentine's Day, and it is exactly everything that you think that is going to be, but probably, somewhere, somone is shitting themselves about it.

Lovewrecker, “Slide It In”