Debut: Roomrunner, “Aesthetic”

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Cover art for Roomrunner

Here's the second single off of Roomrunner's self-titled Fan Death Records cassette that came out in November. (We previewed the first, “Spinning”, back in September.) For those of us that are still emotional about the departure of the beloved Double Dagger, drummer Denny Bowen's new project will give some solace. “Aesthetic” is a heavy-hitting track with a full-court press of fuzz and guitar and throbbing drums that are definitely at home in a new band with a rougher, more oblique sound.

I would also like to mention that last week, at the Future Islands/Ed Schrader/Zomes show at Bowery Ballroom, I acquired a copy of another cassette on Fan Death, Ed Schrader's Welcome to the Roman Empire. The packaging of said cassette was designed by Nolen Strahls, another former member of Double Dagger, and it was really beautiful and stately, not something that might be said about every Ed Schrader release. It was a rich red with wonderful gold chiseled type, and it looked really sweet.

Roomrunner, “Aesthetic”