D'Eon knows what's next

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Attention white boys: It is now not only socially acceptable but also culturally relevant for you to unironically make “bangers”.

If you missed its digital appearance last week, check this “eastern” vocal dish by D'eon served chilled with some mint jock jam (jock jelly is something else) and some sacrificial lamb burned in order to fog up the sense that there's anything funny about a post-Salem drum track rubbing up against Syrian techno licks and regionally relevant samples stitched in, all by a guy from Montreal who looks like some young long-haired Gavin McInnes type.

Play it at your next house party, let us know how it goes.

D'eon, “Kill A Man With a Joystick In Your Hand”

It'd be uncool of us not to note that this D'eon is a long-time correspondent at Get Off the Coast, where we learned about him and explored various of his other tracks. “Kill A Man…” is his most recent, off upcoming debut Palinopsia, and last week it enjoyed a ride on the Altered Zones co-premiere express over here. Browsing through other work you'll soon discover that the desert wedding music is no more a constant in his work than the Depeche Mode cool jamz on this other track “Recession Proof ($40 Paycheque)” – and that you should expect a diversity no less baffling from socially acceptable, culturally relevant white boy beats of The Future.

Palinopsia is out November 16 on Hippos in Tanks.