Devonwho, “Andthentherewas”

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God bless the producer capable of conveying emotion and telling a story without words. LA-based beatsmith Devonwho is one of the select few, and his “Andthentherewas” track beautifully exemplifies it. An ode to his friend J1 THE DEER, who tragically passed in 2011, “Andthentherewas” envelops with melancholy.

The track begins with soothing, resonant keys. One could find themselves drifting into self-reflection if not for the sputtering clock ticks that express the ever-dwindling amount of time we all have on earth. By the time the sonorous synths glide above the composition, a full on onslaught of pensivity floods through the speakers. “Andthentherewas” is a fitting tribute to his friend, and for anyone longing for a soundtrack to their mournful state.

The track is the third single from his Luz album, which is due on November 11th. It’s currently available for pre-order here. You can stream “Andthentherewas” below.