Doc Delay gets experienced

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Doc Delay, REM Sleep II, lo-fi sample, mixtape

Highly sought after break beat extraordinaire Doc Delay serves up a lo-fi glimpse into his latest breaks tape.

Brooklyn DJ/producer Doc Delay has his wicky wicky transformer hand in several projects. One of particular notice is his psyched out beat tape REM Sleep II. The free release below, is available for download, but keep in mind it's the lo-fi version. Doc Delay has a mastered version in the works, one that is probably not a 60 minute song, but individual tracks that you can skip, should you not feel like sitting through, umm, well let's just say we have not had the pleasure of hearing how this song ends. We crashed somewhere around the 40 minute mark.

Our advice, if you're challenging yourself to this long playing mp3: go with peyote, something that will last that's not DMT. Lesson learned.

Download REM Sleep II here. Be sure to check out Doc Delay's Myspace page for extra free downloadable albums. With titles like Pills for Everything and Galactic Hot Tub Music, how can you not be just a wee bit curious? Listen to both back to back, while incorporating elements from the album titles and you've got yourself one sensual and spacey Thursday night.