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Rolling Papers

Last I spoke of OFWGKTA, the hype had yet to take hold. A month ago, I could have waited a week to write about the Domo Genesis album, which is swagged the fuck out – as the kids would say – but a week into September and even Fader, who missed the Earl hype entirely, has Domo on the radar. 2DopeBoyz still refuse to acknowledge the young hooligans though.

Domo Genesis made limited appearances on the OFWGKTA releases thus far with three sporadic verses on the Radical mixtape. The limited burn gives his debut a kept-secret vibe as he's on par with Earl and Tyler's best work. Produced by LeftBrain and Tyler, Rolling Papers continues the OFWG hot streak and with a Tyler record looming in the near future, the hype surrounding the young bucks is only going to swell.

Domo picks up the slack left by Earl getting sent away by his family. His flow creeps in the cut, twisting intricate couplets on the same subject matter his brethren have built its style around. In fact, as dope as Domo proves to be, the album follows a model set by the Earl and Tyler records – a song with Tyler in which the beat switches depending on who's rhyming, a song in which one member threatens to kill another member. The overlap is present, but it's yet to grow tiresome. Domo breaks from the crew's catalog with cuts that have R&B synth lines and burn-something vibes that his brethren are too wound up on adderall and 2-liters to create.

Download Rolling Papers here.

Domo Genesis, “Super Market” ((feat. Ace Creator)

Domo Genesis, “SteamRoller” (feat. Hodgy Beats)