Dope Body, “Bangers and Yos”

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Dope Body - Nupping

This is the art for Dope Body's forthcoming Nupping LP. Yes, that's Frank – the infamous landlord of the Copycat building. Hey there, Frank. Andrew, Dave, and Zach of Dope Body all reside in the Copycat's Penthouse Gallery, and have formed a special bond with Frank.

So much of a kinship that they have decided to put him on the cover of their insane new record, out next month on Hoss. This fits, as Frank could be considered the Copycat's mascot – representing a giant mess of creatively-inhabited concrete, metal, and hardwood. The Copycat has been good to bands like Dope Body, providing a breeding ground for the sort of sounds that push eardrums and boundaries. Dope Body's particular sounds are of the thrash wave variety, an infectious force of manipulated bass, pounding drums, and raucous vocals.

Dope Body, “Bangers and Yo”

“Bangers and Yos” is the first single off their forthcoming LP called Nupping. While moments recall heavier grunge anthems of the early 90s, there are times this beast is of a much more twisted nature. Guitar sounds are morphed and altered to create beats laced with alien-like noise, but are presented so clean and crisp that it still makes you want to thrash around wildly.

Dope Body's Nupping hits turntables next month via Hoss Records.