Doss, “The Way I Feel” (Recycle Culture remixes)

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Internet darling and Acéphale signee Doss is already known for her mercurial take on drum n’ bass and we didn’t think there was much room for improvement. However, two new edits by the equally enigmatic Recycle Culture have proven otherwise. Given both a sped-up spin and a sensual, slow-mo vibe, “The Way I Feel” has undergone a makeover spanning the entire musical spectrum.

Breathless and sugar sweet, the first remix is a hyperpop edit that whirrs by, fueled by cotton candy beats and pure adrenalized innocence. Moving a mile a minute, it’s a swirling whirlwind of chaotic clutter and bouncy static. Complete with chiptune samples and techno-esque accents, it’s a wacky, schizophrenic take on the sweet, emotive single.

And just when you thought “The Way I Feel” was ardent enough, Recycle Culture doubles back with an even more ethereal take. Already sentimental and highly affective, the “Slow Emotion Reel” is a hazy, surreal journey through echoey, otherworldly spaces. Reverb-heavy, pensive and with a slight Angelo Badalamenti meets disco dream bent, the second remix is a wistful, half-awake imagining filled with an acute sense of languid longing.