Drainolith, “Inside and Outside (Bog’s Blues)”

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The name Drainolith perfectly resonates the downward spiraling sound of phasers and flangers in Alexander Moskos’ experimental solo project. The former AIDS Wolf member’s newest single from his forthcoming album, Hysteria, “Inside and Outside (Bog’s Blues)”—not to be confused with Danny Kane’s blues—immediately descends into a slide of slurping, choral guitar tones and splashes into a pool of the unknown. The semblance of a cool, dark, descending melody starts the track, but it’s quickly canceled and replaced with a confusion of noise. You feel like water going down a drain, entering blackness, unable to see, as Moskos’ uncaring, almost monotone monologue rambles over background drumming and electronic crashing, with various effectual highs interspersed throughout the mix. The layout is as disorienting and unconventional as the thought process of the insane; held together by the levity in the lyrics, completely confounding audible and emotional senses, while always changing the mood of the setting.

Hysteria will be released on June 2 via NNA Tapes. You can stream “Inside and Outside (Bog’s Blues)” below.