Dusty Brown, This City Is Killing Me

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Dusty Brown

Dusty Brown is a staple of the Sacramento electronic music scene, but unless you live in our cowtown you don't know that. You also have no idea how much it rings true that the group named its latest EP This City Is Killing Me.

Dusty Brown is two siblings and a cousin and one person all the same. It began as Dusty the person, making electronica with his friends Command Collective, which included now Ghostly-International recording artist Tycho. The Collective brought Sactown the closest its ever been to an IDM scene. The traces of a scene dissolved linger in one-off shows here and there, but unless local music history is a hobby you'd never know they existed. Later, Dusty brought his siblings Zac and Jessica on vocals to make his name a group moniker.

With this history in mind, the title of the group's latest EP becomes even more gut-wrenching. The title track is vintage Dusty, before his sister became the Beth Gibbons of Sacramento. It's a sonic cause for concern. On one hand, this paranoia of a city against him is producing incredible music, while if things are truly that dire, perhaps its time to try out San Francisco.

Download Dusty Brown's This City Is Killing Me EP here. While, you're there make a donation.

Dusty Brown, “This City Is Killing Me”