Edgar Clinks, "As My Daydreams Swim By"

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

Providence, Rhode Island based musician Edgar Clinks is carving a name for himself in the quirky indie rock sphere, heightened only by his brand new track “As My Daydreams Swim By”. With a unique – almost twangy – guitar intro, Clinks’ vocals hit at the perfect moment, speak-singing honest – and at times hilarious – lyrics (“Feeling drunk from yesterday / The xylophone cannot be played / Because I’m not the fastest learner”). Clinks’ over-exaggeration and emphasis of each syllable is perhaps the freshest and most unique feature of his music, and we’re incredibly excited for what’s to come.

June 3rd – Boston
June 4th – Manchester, NH
June 6th – CT
June 7th – Buffalo NY
June 8th – Toronto
June 9th – Detroit
June 11th – Chicago
June 12th – Cincinnati
June 13th – Kalamazoo, MI
June 14th – Cleveland
June 15th – Columbus
June 16th – Pittsburgh
June 17th – Philadelphia
June 18th – New Jersey
June 19th – Brooklyn, NY
“As My Daydreams Swim By” is available now. Keep up with Edgar here.