The Harmonica Lewinskies, "Smile Today"

Post Author: Mike Mehalick

We all go through loss in life and it’s ultimately how we choose to deal with it that further informs the path we walk down moving forward. In the case of NYC-based soul, blues and all around party rockin’ band The Harmonica Lewinskies, they’re honoring their fallen friend Dan McClane in the best way they know how.
Before McClane’s passing, the band was roughly 90% done with a new album, #BringBackBush, which they have been working on completing since. Naturally, the album’s lead single, “Smile Today,” was written by McClane and has an all too prescient message we can all internalize. The rising chorus of “Smile Today” works to part storm clouds and bring in the heart-filling rays with The Harmonica Lewinskies’ signature skronk-soul driving the bus with a space saved for you.
Drummer Oliver Fetter has the “Smile Today” tattooed on him in McLane’s handwriting, as a reminder and homage. Commenting on #BringBackBush, Fetter says, “I’d like to remain positive and playful, with a good sense of humor in addressing the truth of the past, while living in the present. We’re excited about future parties and celebrations, jokes, gags, giggles, acid trips, bong rips, celebratory sips, dancing hips, cocoa nips…”
With all that said, simply, “Smile Today.”

#BringBackBush will be out later this summer.