Ellie Herring, “Always Just OK”, “Full Eyed”

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Ahead of Kite Day's release next week, Ellie Herring kicks out “Always Just OK” and “Full Eyed” in advance of the air sailing event. The Lexington, KY artist employs the electronic initiative to take the controlled breaths of all sounds set in sequence or sung in an audio biosphere where air and ambiance are of the highest order of concentration and principle concerns. The new EP will feature remixes from Albert Swarm, Sines + Katastrophic, and VHVL, following up last year's full-length Satiate for German imprint Phantasma Disques. Ellie Herring brings some words of comfort here with the xylophone-vibes tone of “Always Just OK”, where reassurance of the spirit is bathed in a cool pool of calm.

On Ellie's “Full Eyed”, digitized effects crawl up and down the beginning of the track as your own eyes will become widened somewhere along the keyboard corridor. The dance party here involves swoops from guest synths as Herring's hollowed out key notes stay the course and plot out their own route as if arranged and diagrammed out on a map. Around the 2:45 mark, the track kicks into heavy rhythmic synth territory that takes you to the best home spun house-centric apartment parties that were always a guaranteed bet to make the lease holder lose that precious security/cleaning deposit.

Ellie Herring's Kite Day is available July 23 from Racecar.