End this summer right with Magic Kids

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Comprised of members of Memphis mainstays Girls of the Gravitron and The Barbaras, Magic Kids perfect that ubiquitous feel-good, surf rock vibe laden with various recognizable influences. And while you wont find the Girls of the Gravitron's signature loud, fuzz-driven jamming, showcased on their 2008 release Malthusian Love Song, (which proved to be one of the better garage rock collections of the year), what Magic Kids lack in distortion and sheer volume they make up for in peppy harmonies and carefree, jangly guitars.

You might experience the inevitable Brian Wilson knee jerk, and you might catch whiffs of 1950s doo-wop and Transformer-era Lou Reed on their debut EP Hey Boy. But these are the ingredients for a delightful cure for not only the dog days of summer, but also that guilty, gooey feeling that listening to catchy “pop” that afflicts all too many of us.

Magic Kids, “Hey Boy

Magic Kids, “Good to Be”