Erros Mágicos, “C'est Tout Noir”

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erros magicos

If you've been waiting for your morning tune-out, this new track from Erros Mágicos, “C'est Tout Noir”, is a perfect trippy tapestry of sounds that feel as rooted in 70s psychedelia as it does in Serge Gainsbourg's sprawling sexy France. Though the title indicates that “everything is night,” the lightness that pours out of this soft, rolling tune is all warm oranges and yellows, giving the song a handsome dose of flower power. No matter where you look, you won't find night here, only limitless fields of blissfull opportunity rooted in melodic shaking that ends flanked in pan flutes and bird tweets. It does nothing but beg you to free your mind.

Erros Mágicos, a side project of Magic Castles, releases their debut tape, Shambhala, through Moon Glyph today. You can pick it up here.