Fat Tony, “Hood Party”

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Fat Tony

Who doesn't like to party? We all have different views of fun and everyone has their own idea of that quintessential party. Houston native and artist, Fat Tony, has a pretty good idea of how he thinks a party should be with his new single, “Hood Party”.

Rapper Fat Tony has been dazzling ears for the past few years as well as churning out clever rap lyrics. His new single, “Hood Party”, is no different and gives off a good party atmosphere. Guest spots on the track are from talented artists, which include, former Das Racist member, KOOL A.D. as well as underground laugh riot, Despot. The track features some very witty, funny and party themed lyrics that aren't to be taken too serious. The beat for “Hood Party” is just as bouncy and has riveting baselines that will have people busting moves.

“Hood Party” is the first single off his upcoming project titled, Smart Ass Black Boy, which is Tony's first actual album to date.The album is set to drop on June 11, through Young One Records.

Smart Ass Black Boy Tracklist:
01 “Smart Ass Black Boy”
02 “Final Destination”
03 “Creepin’” (Feat. Stunnaman & Tom Cruz)
04 “BKNY” (Feat. Old Money)
05 “I Shine”
06 “Never Let You Go” (Feat. Boy/friend)
07 “Hood Party” (Feat. Kool A.D. & Despot)
08 “Frenzy” (Feat. Tom Cruz)
09 “Father’s Day”
10 “Sleepover” (Feat. Shawn Neon)
11 “The More Things Change (The More They Stay The Same)”