Flashlight O, “Happy Baby Pose”

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Flashlight O

Sometimes a song feels too good to be real. Maybe it's the setting in which you first hear it, maybe it's the way the lyrics become engrained in your brain, but something about the song feels surreal. “Happy Baby Pose” by Baltimore-based Flashlight O is one of those songs to me. As cheesy as this sounds, my pal Allyssa and I were laying in her bed listening to a radio show recording of the tune and suddenly the sun came out and the temperture shot up to shorts-appropriate weather. I'm not saying Flashlight O has the power to control the weather, but maybe I am. At any rate, “Happy Baby Pose” has the ability to completely turn your day around!

Flashlight O is the solo project of Spook Houses member/art school student Colin Alexander. It would be too easy to simply compare the first single from his upcoming album, The Truman Sho, to Calvin Johnson, but Alexander's voice is tinged with a similar child-like nostalgia. “Happy Baby Pose” is a zenful track that will probably make you blush with its groovy guitars. According to Alexander, the recipe for becoming one with the world is simple: “feeling full belly,” finding “the perfect groove,” and busting out some cool moves with pals. “Happy Baby Pose” is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.

Flashlight O's debut tape, The Truman Sho comes out on Double Double Whammy on June 3. Pre-order it here.