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A year ago, with the release of Anti-Magic, Foot Village pronounced the end of their trilogy of albums that detailed the end of the world as we knew it and the rise of Foot Village in its ashes… Where to go from there, exactly? Luckily Volume IV: More Magic, Less Anti- did not in fact get scraped from the cutting room floors. In its stead they've announced a new 7-inch on How To Fight Records with a two-track survival guide to the 2012 apocalypse. Bound towards best-seller status and membership to the same clubs as The Zombie Survival Guide, Foot Village is supplying the “hope” side of the coin, and leaving the “doom” provisos on the B-side, for you to pre-order here.

Foot Village didn't just scrape the track off the vinyl and dump it into iTunes, either. This here is the special mp3 version, and you know that because you are reminded of the case at the three-minute mark with a little “Alright all you nudists a buddhists and Pepsi drinkers I see you listenin' to this mp3 and doin' the dip. I see you doin' the dip pretty well but you gotta dip lowwwaaaahhh.”

If you're not one who relies on 7-inches from L.A. art freaks avoid being on the wrong side of imminent global calamity, perhaps you like temp tats. Lucky for you, each 7-inch comes with two copies of the art (below), both printed on temporary tattoo paper. So you can keep one for posterity, and, as Foot Village broman Brian Miller explains, “give your hairless cat a sich [sic] makeover.”

Foot Village, “Lovers With Iraqis (MP3 version)”