For Everest, We Are At Home In The Body

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Sometimes, it’s difficult to pick out what an album is trying to say, its overall theme clouded by vague lyrics difficult to discern and as a result, makes the album incoherent. That’s not the case with indie-pop band For Everest’s first album We Are At Home In The Body, which releases July 29 via Broken World Media.

The album chronicles the experiences of being a bipolar, non-binary woman, as well as the universal fears of love, death, and loss. At times, the lyrics can be a little on point, but no less poetic and lovely. However, it’s lead vocalist Sarah Cowell’s commanding presence throughout the entire album that drives home the emotions, vulnerability, power, and humanity in each song. The album goes from loud, rock n roll pop like the first song “Reasons #2-7” to slower, contemplative songs such as “Vitamins” and “The Body” and finally to the seven minute long anthem “50/50” to close it all out. It’s a powerful album, one which I think would be a crime if you missed out on.

It’s clear there’s a message within We Are At Home In The Body, which Cowell spells out beautifully here: The two anthems of this record are the title, “We Are At Home In The Body,” and the repeated “I don’t want a body.” This duality represents living with mental illness, bad relationships, and gender dysphoria. Bouncing between high functioning and manic depression completely changes your worldview, and I aim to explore that dichotomy through my lyrics.”

Notable songs: “I’m in a Boxcar Buried Inside,” “Autonomy,” “Slurpee Pt. 1,” and “Slurpee  Pt. 2.” But that’s already four out of the 9 songs, so guess you’ll have to listen to the whole thing, which you can do below.

Tour Dates
8/12 Winchester, VA @ Valley Cat
8/13 Baltimore, MD
8/14 Pittsburgh, PA @ City Grows
8/15 Akron, OH @ It’s a Kling Thing!
8/16 Detroit, MI @ The Sanctuary Detroit
8/18 Williamsport, PA — TBA
8/19 Philadelphia, PA @ Smokey’s Regal Estate
8/20 Brooklyn, NY @ The Barbershop
8/21 New Haven, CT @ Lyric Hall
8/22 Montclair, NJ — TBA

We Are At Home In The Body is available for preorder now.