Frankie Cosmos, “Owen”

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Frankie Cosmos

With all the coverage of Frankie Cosmos' new single managing to point out that the young musician has self-released over forty albums, it'd be pointless to say it again—and yet here we are. Greta Kline may be Bandcamp's most prolific artist, and this may be her first studio-recorded single, but when taken entirely on its own, all the other details float away. “Owen” is a lovely number, a track that deserves several listens. Kline's light voice is matched with a deep baritone and a tightly-compressed set of drums, and whether the cleaned-up sound is for you, it's hard to deny how damaging that sweetness can feel.

“Owen” comes from Frankie Cosmos' debut release with Double Double Whammy, Zentropy, which releases on March 4 and can be preordered here.