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Mind's Eye Ep

In the sneakiest of manners Alpha Pup released a new EP from Free The Robots entitled The Mind's Eye EP. In the ever enlightening experience of seeking transgression through warbles and chaotic glitches, the EP lends little time to achieve a higher consciousness. To discuss the EP in drug terms, it's the salvia of altered states – a 15 minute sensory overload.

Album closer “Rattlesnake” coils into the woofers with dubstep warbles over jungle-like bone percussion without committing entirely to the grounded neon-skydiver look. A mid-track mutation delves into Free The Robot's love of sci-fi bells and whistles that save “Rattlesnake” from going all out pink dredlocks. While the brevity of The Mind's Eye EP is a tease, perhaps it translates to a new leg of touring for Free The Robots, or at least a few Low End Theory gigs up and down California.

Free The Robots, “Rattlesnake”

The Mind's Eye EP is out now on Alpha Pup.