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Fresh Daily is in orbit with his free download record Mothership/Land. He's got Brooklyn on the mind, as the spot where he rests his head, but the sounds and artwork suggest he's been to the outer regions of the universe and back.

Fresh breaks down his thought process on the intentions behind Mothership/Land:

This is an amalgam of many things.
Us as a people, black people, the Diaspora, how we relate to each other in relationships & socially.
All in all we've been built and programmed to have shoddy social/love
relationships as a result of slavery and years of conditioning to break
down our culture and heritage. They've failed. We're WOKE with
knowledge of self. We're Young, Gifted and Black.
Also just a personal dissertation & exploration on my relationships w/ lovers, friends & family.
Also a celebration of women & the life cycle of sorts.
We as men come out of a woman (our Mother) enter a woman again (our wives/lovers) and return to mother EARTH in death.
Plus it's just a spaced-out, low-end mixtape composed of dope jams. The
mothership is here to expand how you think and take you somewhere else
via audio rhythms.

Fresh is filling his ship with the finest in producers, although a few beat abductions took place. Most notably Fresh abducted FlyLo's “Do The Astral Plane,” but he kills it as though it was intended for him all along.

Download Mothership/Land here.

Fresh Daily, “Block Knock”

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