Friday Night: Daft Punk remixes

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Blogs remix Daft Punk's Human After All

Forget blogrock, here's some veritable blog house: a bunch of sites teamed up to make a free Daft Punk remix album of Human After All. It's pretty eclectic fair, with only a couple of them sticking to Daft Punk-ian territories, but these three tracks might sharpen you up for the weekend battle, if you are planning on hitting up some dance parties.

“The Prime of Your Life” (Tits + Clits remix)

“Television Rules the Nation (Dirty Disco Youth remix)

“Technologic” (Kids at the Bar remix)

Remix After All track list
01 Human After All – Chosen by Disco Demons
02 The Prime Time Of Your Life – Chosen by Data Sapiens
03 Robot Rock – Chosen by The Cold Cut
04 Steam Machine – Chosen by Cream Team
05 Make Love – Chosen by Sheena Beaston
06 The Brainwasher – Chosen by Danger! Danger!
07 On/Off – Chosen by The Lemur Blog
08 Television Rules The Nation – Chosen by Noise Porn
09 Technologic – Chosen by Pretty Much Amazing
10 Emotion – Chosen by Binary

[Via Trash Menagerie]