Friday Night: Jean Moustache Approves Theft

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This Friday Night is a double whammy of awesome as we give you an entire album for free!

It's been proven the French are world leaders in pumping out movers and shakers. Why it is still the French is a mystery to me. Jean Moustache is a continuation of fine French electro house. He may lack the budget of Daft Punk in the pursuit of hiding his identity (see: fabric over face), but I think I'd rather party with a towelhead who takes straight tugs of Vermouth than a robot.

Jean Moustache, “M.I.L.F. Paradise”

Jean Moustache, “Maison Close” (feat. Carnbee)

Click The Album Cover For Groove City:

Groove City track listing:
01 Apéro
02 Monoï Rythm
03 Choucroute
04 M.I.L.F. Paradise
05 Crême Chantilly
06 Get The Fever
07 Groovecity
08 Vodka Champagne
09 Jokari Beach
10 Salmon Friend
11 Ghetto Burger
12 Rambonette
13 Goddamn Retriever
14 Maison Close
15 Steeve Drag Queen
16 Afterwork