Fuck the Tundra

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fuck the tundra bart records tape

Here are some Canucks with a funny name.

One on track they expertly show off that labyrinthine post-rock rhythmic sense that stays in the pocket while the pocket travels to vast and distant lands. That's the goofy “Eliminator Boat Duel”, a track that spends about thirty seconds shouting in what we can only call some kind of moose-human hybrid tongue that Google translator hasn't parsed yet.

Then there's “Gintro”, the polar opposite side of the post-rock puzzle, which departs completely from the bucolic and clean guitar licks of “Eliminator Boat Duel” and launches into unadulterated screamo.

We can't say if Fuck the Tundra named themselves out of personal experience or for some animosity towards their more northerly moose-fucking brethren, but either way, the eclecticism can be had from their first release, a full-length cassette out on our buds at Bart Records.

Fuck the Tundra, “Eliminator Boat Duel

Fuck the Tundra, “Gintro”

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